The Crimson Vagabond Jam-A-Thon

Come on out for some sweet jams and shimmies!


 The Crimson Vagabond Jam-A-Thon is a drum & dance jam curated by the resident Roadshow troupe, Arcadia. This event is a great opportunity for artists to practice and share their work in an environment that is both encouraging and compassionate. If you are new to drum jams and this all sounds intimidating, have no fear. Laura Hurter, The Crimson Vagabond, is always happy to share a few shimmies with fellow dancers! The jam is led by percussionist and instructor, Brent Hurter, the Roadshow's very own Jam Boss, Mr.B. While most of the jam is centered around Middle Eastern rhythms, we are always open to requests. Be sure to bring your favorite noise makers, dancing feet, your best Opa's and be ready to RAQ!