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 In 2004, while in college,  Laura was first introduced to Belly dance classes at the campus gym. It became a habit in 2008 after taking  an Urban Gypsy class from the very talentedSilvia Salamanca. Since then Laura has poured her heart and  soul into absorbing everything related to the art of Belly dance with the understanding that "once a student  always a student". Now she finds even more enjoyment by performing with her percussionist husband, Brent Hurter aka Jam Boss Mr.B, the Hands of Fatima at Sherwood Forest Faire and producing events such as The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow and Jam-A-Thon. ​​​ 

Private Belly Dance Lessons


    Available for 1 - 2 dancers    ​   

Treat yourself to a private session created to develop your own Belly dance goals and ambitions. We can work on the basics, build choreography or even learn tips to scare away stage fright. By the end of your private lessons you will have fine tuned your skills and added new tricks to your Bellydance tool belt.              

For questions please email Laura@TheCrimsonVagabond.com

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OWN IT!!!​ Stage Presence Workshop


This workshop is for any person looking to improve their confidence in performances, public speaking engagements or even job interviews. We will discuss how body language, facial expressions and eye contact can help us connect to our audience and give a positive boost to our self esteem. Laura will share her favorite tools for preparing for the stage and offer guided practice for applying those tools to your next performance. Be prepared with a bottle of water, comfortable clothing and your best smile!!

For more details message


Mistress of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies * MC * Mistress of Ceremonies



  Have you considered including a professional MC for your next event?? Are you looking to bring a bit of charisma, charm and seamless entertainment to your big celebration or showcase?   As a Master of Ceremonies, Laura can bring a level of professionalism that keeps your audience engaged and your event running smooth. Laura's style is sweet & spicy with a slice of edge that promises a room full of BIG smiles and FUN for an event full of entertainment.  

For questions about booking message Laura@TheCrimsonVagabond.com

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